Compella GmbH was established with the primary aim of providing professional services to exporters and importers in the critical areas of compliance, contractual negotiations, logistics and transportation.

Compella targets European markets which have niches for suppliers from other geographic regions, notably Russia and other former CIS countries. It specializes in dealing with non-EU aluminium suppliers.

Our range of services:

- performing marketing analysis allowing the Supplier to achieve the clear-cut insight concerning the feasibility of penetrating to a concrete market, expected price level and potential market share

- professional development of product specifications in English and German

- developing cost-efficient and time-optimal transport schemes

- negotiating export contracts on Supplier's behalf in accordance with the mutually agreed mandate

- providing the guidance to the Supplier in respect of the required export documents, marking and packaging

- arranging the services of Only Representative in accordance with REACH regulation

- preparing material safety data sheets and other required compliance documents

- arranging customs clearance (for deliveries to Switzerland)

- arranging credit insurance for Suppliers

- setting up office representation for the Supplier in Switzerland

Please post your query using the Information Request Form, or feel free to send an e-mail to info@compella.ch